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"Your Drill Will Pierce Through The Heavens!"

"Who The Hell Do You Think I Am?!"

Goddammit this is old. I just deleted a shitton of weeaboo fangirl shit, man. Okay. So this is basically a sexual conquests blog. Except it's more of an emotional disaster zone. I write things here when I need to get them out or when I'm too damn bored to do anything else.

Most of it is friendlocked and bro I don't make friends anymore so if you wanna see it... why? Would you want to? Message me? And I'll get back to you in a few months?

If you already know me and are still reading this then you are from middle school and I only remember like five people who even ever read this. So if you're here now just back the fuck away, motherfucker.
about i don't know?, about my goddamn interests, community, crying, doctor who, except that's, fuck you, get a job, harold and maude, i cry a lot, i fucking love community, i'm kinda angry, ignoring my emotions, like lots of tv, other movies idunno, other scifi, otherwise known as gaysville, right now?, sherlock, so like, sorry, that's impossible ahahaha, water polo, what this is for, whatever the end, why do you care